HFPA Media Interviews

Co-chair Aimee Gasparetto on CBC Radio (June 2020)

Former co-chair Wesley Petite on The Signal: A Halifax Podcast  (Jan. 2020)

Co-chairs Madeleine Waddington & Wesley Petite on CTV Atlantic: Food For Thought Video Interview (Dec. 2019)

Co-Chair Madeleine Waddington on News 95.7 Sheldon McLeod Show (Dec. 2019)

Co-Chair Aimee Gasparetto CBC NS (May, 2019) – N.S. needs boost to reach local food consumption goal — 20% by 2020

Co-Chair Aimee Gasparetto and Partner Karen Dahl (April, 2019) – Halifax Public Libraries cooks up new approach to tackle food security 

Co-Chair Madeleine Waddington in the Star Metro Halifax (Aug, 2018) – Pay-What-You-Can-Meal at North End Cafe Aims to Unite Community 

Co-Chair Madeleine Waddington on CBC Information Morning (Oct, 2017)

Former Co-Chair Nancy Anningson on CBC Maritime Connection (Oct, 2017)