About Us

Formed in 2013, the Halifax Food Policy Alliance (HFPA) is a partnership of individuals and organizations that represent different sectors related to the food system.

Together, we are working to achieve our vision: Halifax: where no one is hungry and everyone has nutritious food that they enjoy, for generations to come, sustained by local producers. Currently, we are working with the Halifax Regional Municipality and diverse community stakeholders to develop the JustFOOD Action Plan for the Halifax Region.

Our Approach

The HFPA brings groups together to drive meaningful change so everyone in Halifax Regional Municipality can access and eat good food.  We aim to influence positive change in our local food system through:

  1. SUPPORTING HEALTHY CHANGE: We work with government to influence policy changes and coordinate action to bring healthy food to everyone.
  2. LEADING INFORMED ACTION: We use evidence, and insights from those with lived experience to inform action.
  3. CONVENING COMMUNITY: We connect with others to have important conversations and mobilize food-focused action and advocacy.

Our Structure

The HFPA is made up of a Steering Committee and Task Teams.  Currently, the task teams are focused on two priority areas of work to inform the development of the HRM Food Action Plan:

  1. Engaging stakeholders and communities. 
  2. Understanding local research and gaps in our understanding of the current food system. 

Steering Committee:

Partner Organizations: