Acting Together for Food Policy

On Oct. 17th, members of the Halifax Food Policy Alliance hosted an event called “Acting Together for Food Policy” in partnership with the Halifax and Chebucto West Community Health Boards.  The focus of the day was to:

  1. Increase understanding of policy and how to influence policy
  2. Co-identify policy priorities / solutions that would inform a Food Action Plan for HRM
  3. Identify possible opportunities to act together

Graham Steele also provided helpful tips for communicating with politicians based on his book “What I Learned about Politics: Inside the Rise–and Collapse–of Nova Scotia’s NDP Government”.

There was real excitement in the room for mobilizing around the 2020 municipal elections (can never start too early!). Next steps include:

  • Working to co-create a food security election primer for the 2020 municipal election
  • Planning other opportunities to engage other partners and stakeholders.

See the summary report Acting Together for Food Policy in Halifax_SummaryFinal

318 - Copy

Graphic Harvesting by Susan MacLeod


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