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The Halifax Food Policy Alliance is working to build a Healthy, Just and Sustainable food system for the Halifax Region. Together, we are working to achieve our vision: Halifax: where no one is hungry and everyone has nutritious food that they enjoy, for generations to come, sustained by local producers.

The HFPA is currently focused on the development of the JustFOOD Action Plan. For updates and to get involved, please visit the new online home of JustFOOD at justfoodhalifax.ca

In December 2019, HRM committed to co-lead the development of JustFOOD: action plan for the Halifax Region in partnership with the Halifax Food Policy Alliance (HFPA). View the report that kicked-off this work. 

The JustFOOD Action Plan is working with residents and stakeholders to develop “grown in Halifax” solutions. As the first food strategy in our Region, it will create a comprehensive plan to guide actions to improve food security and strengthen our local food system, with clear roles for all and the resources needed for positive change. JustFOOD is centered on food justice and builds on the principles of the Halifax Food Charter.

HFPA Milestones:

2021: JustFOOD Phase 1 Engagements begin with 2 Virtual Workshops. Workshop #1 tested and refined the JustFOOD Food Systems Goals, and resulted in Framework 2.0 and the Story of JustFOOD. Workshop #2 identified actions for what JustFOOD should achieve and how this might become a reality. In the fall, 500 Civic Dinner Kits and were distributed through community partners across HRM. The JustFOOD Website was launched along with the JustFOOD Action Survey. 

2020: Soft launch of JustFOOD with Food Experiences During COVID-19 survey, JustFOOD Supports for Food Production at Home, and Emergency food hampers through the Mobile Food Market. The JustFOOD Framework is drafted and an Engagement Plan developed for Phase 1 Engagements.

2019:  Halifax Regional Council endorsed the HRM Food Charter in principle and committed to supporting the development of JustFOOD: an Action Plan for the Halifax Region, in partnership with the HFPA!  A Food Action Plan uses a food lens to coordinate policy & action and supports diverse participation particularly among underrepresented voices.

2018-2019:  Partnered with Central Zone Community Health Boards to host two Acting Together for Food Policy Workshops and build capacity to understand and influence food policy.

2017: Developed the HRM Food Charter, a vision for food built by the community. In 2017 we partnered with Halifax Public Libraries to host Public Engagement events around the draft food charter.

2016: Supported on-the-ground action as HFPA members partnered with HRM to co-lead the launch of the Mobile Food Market.

2015: Produced and published Food Counts, the first report of its kind for HRM, which provides a comprehensive picture of the local food system.

2013: Community members and organizations, supported by staff from the Ecology Action Centre, Halifax Regional Municipality and the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Public Health identify the need for a Food Strategy for HRM. This led to the development of a Food Strategy Working Group which later became the Halifax Food Policy Alliance.